PF is a bowl for food service made of a stainless steel tube.

The industrial process of slowly pressing a stainless tube, transforms its common image — as many other manufactured objects: rigid, cold and purely functional into an organic metal fabric item that resembles silk.

The hydraulic press is a mechanical device that uses the flow of a fluid (generally hydraulic oil) to develop a force, used to compress materials of different kinds.

The concept of the hydraulic press is based on Pascal’s theory, which states: “A change in pressure at any point in an enclosed fluid at rest is transmitted undiminished to all points in the fluid; the pressure applied to any part of the enclosed liquid will be transmitted equally in all directions through the liquid.”

PF is the final pressure to all points.

Sometimes, the pressure is low, sometime it is high. It can shock or deform you. It might manifest itself atmospherically or psychologically. It can be mechanical, arterial and/or social. Compression relieves pain. Pressure creates diamonds.

Ø 110 mm
H 60 mm
Stainless steel 316 L

Available for production starting from N’20 pieces.